Submerged Exhibition

Glenelg Libraries is excited to welcome Submerged an exhibition presented by the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Australian Maritime Museums Council.  Following a national project with workshops held across the country to develop the exhibition and to source shipwreck stories, 68 shipwreck stories were nominated by 46 maritime museums and heritage institutions from around Australia with 14 of the most compelling stories selected to feature in the exhibition.

Australia’s coast is the final resting place of over 11,000 shipwrecks – roughly one wreck for every three kilometres of coastline. And Victoria’s City of Rayville is one of 14 wrecks whose stories will feature in a nationally touring panel exhibition Submerged – Stories of Australia’s Shipwrecks uncovering Australia’s rich shipwreck history.

The City of Rayville is said to be the first American ship sunk during World War II. It was carrying a cargo of lead from Port Pirie to New York in 1940 when it struck a sea-mine off Cape Otway. All but one of its 38 crew members escaped.

The exhibition also features wrecks of merchant vessels, steamers, schooners, whalers and a submarine. The oldest wreck featured is WA’s Batavia. Its 1629 loss on Beacon Island, and subsequent mutiny, is one of the most dramatic events in Dutch and Australian history.

On Display
Portland Library
23 September – 2 November

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