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Readers Corner

The best way to get the most out of your reading. Here are a few recommended sites from us to help you discover new authors, unknown works from your favourite authors or read reviews about that book that you're just not sure of....



LibraryThing's goal is to be the world's largest book club. Create your own library of books using Amazon, the Library of Congress or other world libraries and then find other people who have similar interests. You can show your books on a shelf or as a list, and tag your books with your own distinctive keyword. Any avid reader will find LibraryThing to be a great way to organize their reading list. By interacting with Amazon and the Library of Congress, books can be easily added and arranged on a virtual bookshelf. With over 45 million books catalogued you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Fantastic Fiction


A fantastic website containing a large database of fiction titles. Search by author or title, or use the built-in searches (most popular, new titles, new authors) to find out whats happening at the moment. With one of the largest fiction databases on the web the information you need is just a few clicks away. 


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With 100 million titles in its database, goodreads is the fastest growing book information site today. It allows users to build their own bookshelf of titles they've already read, see similar authors, read reviews and form book clubs with friends or strangers to expand your reading tastes.   



Like a particular author but read all of their titles? Literature-Map will help you decide who your next author will be. Simply type in the name of your author and watch as the map unfolds. The closer another author appears to your searched author, the more similar their writing styles. See who else writes like Danielle SteelStephen King or Nora Roberts, or try a more Australian flavour with Matthew Reilly or Di Morrissey.

Better Reading

Better readingBrought to you by Cheryl Akle and the team behind Get Reading! and The Book Circle, Better Reading aims to be a great source of independent book recommendations for Australian readers and their families. We’re all about sharing great stories, and helping people discover new books and authors. There’s always something new and exciting on the shelves – which is why our ‘to read’ piles never seem to get any smaller. But that’s not going to stop us talking about old favourites. As far as we’re concerned, it’s ‘new’ until you’ve read it!

Stop, You're Killing Me!


Stop, You’re Killing Me! is a resource for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy, and suspense books. We list over 3,400 authors, with chronological lists of their books (over 38,000 titles), both series (3,800+) and non-series. Use the alphabetical author and character links above or the special indexes in the left column. And it’s perfectly fine with us if you print our pages for your private use, especially for a trip to your local library or bookstore.

Or to find out what our devoted and dedicated borrowers have been reading please join us at BookChat, a monthly informal gathering where we, you guessed it, chat about books. Old books, new books, funny books, sad books, every type of book you can imagine. Held on the last Wednesday of every month at the Portland Library, commencing at 11.30am. Or to subscribe to the bookchat list please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You don't have to attend to subscribe!


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