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Glenelg Libraries Provides a collection of eBooks and eAudio books for downloading 24 hours a day. Authors include well known favourites like Lee Child, Michael Connolly, Tricia Stringer and Fiona MaIntosh, as well as new and emerging authors. Resources offfered cover a wide range of genres including popular thrillers, romance, crime, biographies and self-improvement to name a few.

We have resouces available for all ages, in both formats.Bolinda eBooks can be borrowed and read on your home computer, or downloaded and read on any Android or Apple device. Download the BorrowBox App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store!

 Using Borrow Box

To get the most out of your Borrowbox, there are a number of ways to explore the Glenelg Libraries Collection. The main menus include options for viewing items "New to library", "Featured", "All resources", or browsing by genre and age group.

There are separate tabs for Ebooks, and Eaudiobooks.

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